Rent connected
Step by step

Renting a connected utility vehicle is the key to a rental at your own pace: your hours will be ours!
Discover how to rent a connected vehicle step by step with City-Drop.

City-Drop offers you to rent
vehicles from 3 to 20m3

1. I book my vehicle online

I select my trip on

  • Fill in your information in your customer area, submit your driving license and those of additional drivers: at City-Drop, up to 3 drivers are included in the price!
  • 48 hours before your trip starts, check your customer area to sign your contract and submit your deposit.

Sign your contract with your smartphone, remember to enter your phone number!

Deposit is a bank imprint, not a direct debit (see our GRC). Depending on your bank, it may be necessary to have the funds in your account. Please contact your bank.

2. Download the app to geolocate my vehicle

Downloadable on Apple store   Google play
The app allows you to geolocate your vehicle the day of your departure.

  • 30 minutes before your rental starts, find precise information on the City-Drop app to locate your vehicle in the area agreed upon booking.

To connect to the app, use the access codes to your customer area.

3. I pick up my vehicle in self-service

I complete the inventory in full autonomy with the City-Drop app to unlock my vehicle.

  • Once in front of the vehicle, let the app guide you and take the pictures necessary for the inventory.
  • Once you have taken these pictures, the vehicle opens automatically: keys are in the glove compartment.

Our vehicles are equipped with a box connected to the mobile network which allows them to communicate with the app, you, and us! Geolocation, vehicle opening, technical monitoring... Our vehicles speak to us remotely!

4. I make my journey

Adjust the mirrors and fasten your seatbelt, let's go! Our trips include unlimited mileage!

  • Vehicle papers are available on the City-Drop app.
  • All City-Drop rental contracts include 24/7 support.
  • If needed, our customer service is available 7 days a week. (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and Saturday until 8 pm at 01 55 49 00 40, by email on Sunday [email protected])

This is a "level-to-level" rental, remember to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel and ADBlue as at the start to avoid extra charges!

AdBlue is a mandatory consumable on diesel utility vehicles to meet anti-pollution standards. Just like fuel, this consumable is necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle, you cannot drive without it!

5. Return of the vehicle: inventory in full autonomy

I drop the vehicle in the agreed area and complete the exit inventory in full autonomy with the City-Drop app.

  • Go to the area indicated on the app to return the vehicle. 2 options are available: in the street on a free and legal parking space, or at our partner Norauto, on the City-Drop marked spaces.
  • Once parked, follow the app's instructions to take end of rental pictures.
  • Put the keys back in the glove box and close the door.
  • Complete your rental on the app, the vehicle will lock automatically!

Please respect the return hour so as not to delay next users! Penalties could be charged in case of delay (consultez nos GRC).

Our customer service is available from 8 am to 10 pm by phone (and by email on Sundays) in case of difficulty!

6. End of rental

Our teams analyze your exit inventory.

  • Deposit is released at the latest 7 working days upon the end of your rental, except in the event of non-compliance of the inventory, in which case our claims department will contact you.

The deposit amount depends on the insurance option chosen upon booking.

Basic Insurance = €2500 Deposit.

Comfort Insurance = €1200 Deposit.

Premium Insurance = €450 Deposit.

For more information, (check our GRC).

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