Need help with your moving?

Moving can be stressful !
At City-Drop, we have designed a solution to help you rent a moving van in autonomy for more flexibility (How to rent a connected van?)
However, renting a utility vehicle is just one of the steps to move by yourself !

Here is a list of our partners who can help you, as well as our pieces of advice for a serene moving that fits your budget!

The ideal reverse planning for a smooth moving

12 weeks before before

Start of procedure…

  • If you are a tenant, cancel your lease with a certified letter.
  • If you are a co-owner, inform the property manager and ask for the balance sheet on your departure date.
  • Declutter your garage, cellar and closets.
  • Contact charitable organizations to donate what you no longer need.
  • If you have children, sign them up for school and, if necessary, for after-school programs.
  • Estimate the size required for your moving using our volume calculator.

8 weeks before moving

Organize your moving day, start packing,…

  • Book your vehicle with City-Drop
  • Set the date of your move and inform removal men or relatives who will help you.
  • Take boxes of all sizes.
  • Sort your belongings by categories and label them.
  • Use colored markers to quickly identify them.
  • Unhook paintings and ceiling lights.
  • Pack the items you use the least.

4 weeks before moving

Administrative procedures ...

  • Cancel your house insurance
  • Report your address change to several administrative departments at once.
  • Change the address on your ID card and/or passport (optional depending on your situation).
  • You can subscribe to the mail tracking paid option with La Poste.
  • Update your car registration document on the official website of the French administration
  • Sign up on the electoral lists of your new municipality, whether on site, online or by mail.
  • Reserve a parking space for your utility vehicle for moving day at City Hall.

1 week before moving

Last preparations…

  • Clean your stove, fridge and defrost the freezer.
  • Read your electricity, water and gas meters.
  • Internet provider, electricity... Feel free to contact our partner Papernest to help you for free and save money!
  • Keep a file folder with all your important papers.
  • Go to sleep early enough the night before moving to wake up in a good mood and in great shape! And get ready for your new life :)
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