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My itinerary


  • Paris - La Defense
  • Rue des Hautes Pâtures
    92000 Nanterre


  • Madrid
  • Calle Brezos
    Madrid 28042

Dates and hours


Saturday 10 June 2023 à


Sunday 11 June 2023 à


Very large volume - 20m³

Very large volume - 20m³


Ideal to move a large apartment or a house.
About 130 boxes (50x40x40)
Maximum load: 900kg**
Length: 4,20m
Width: 2,10m
Height: 2,20m

Useful information

Outside length: 6,50m
Outside width: 2,10m
Outside height: 3,40m
Consumption about 17L/100km (diesel)
Tank capacity: 100L
Toll category:3
Front seats: 3


  • Air conditioning
  • Manual transmission

Price -

Please note that if the duration of your reservation exceeds 24 hours, each day that you start will be charged (already included in the prices indicated).
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